viernes, 31 de julio de 2009

parafait amour

Fully committed to colour, cause and chic.

night manoeuvres

Smokescreen the eyes. Protect the lips - but make them bold. Glamour is yourbest defense.

brave new bronze

How girl-rebels recruit boys: with paler shades, a cheeky blush, and lips fully-charged with shine.


A revolution in shade as eyes go courageously bold, and lips go soft, liberated with Lipglass.


Rebel lashes burst into effect. Lips go power-packed. And yet she's still girlie enough to blush.


The look, underplayed, yet Vibrant Grape liner creates a look of indestructible high style.

gold rebel

The power of contrast. orange and purple colour on the eyes oppose a rebelliously orange lip.

fierce & fabulous

Modern war paint: colour, applied defiantly, on opposing corners of the eyes to create intrigue.

style warrior

Glamour armour for eyes: a defiantly bold shield of colour with a black underscore.

eclectic edge

The outer edge of style and art...perfect it and you're a make-mne up Colour Crafter!

nice mix up

Fire up your creativity with a look that cunningly rocks out your eyes.

madly creative

Muted tones, adroitly applied. A look that reveals you're a mistress of your craft.

natural flare

Sculpted by colour, fired up by an unrelentingly colourful lip, this look weaves its own drama.

ever embellish

The eyes are a Girlish Romp of artistry and lashes with colour-sculpted lips, diva-style!

crazy haute

A winner at any colour craft show. Our assemblage of Mineralize Eye Shadows adds the artisan touch.

trimming talk

As any crafter knows, colour counts. Here, Fresh Green Mix Mineralize Eye Shadow adds its vibrant pop!

colour craft

Fashion and fantasy found in the design, and mesmerizing asymmetry of the eyes.